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Small 400 px watermarked thumbnail served to social networks and search engines with a link to the original image, relevant caption, attribution & purchase path

Stops malicious web bots completely.Image not available in the html page source code.

SmartFrame's image technology lets you buy & sell prints directly from the image even after they are shared.

Screen-shot and right-click activated copyright warnings.

Contact channel available on the image to maximise fair usage and communication.

The unique SmartFrame image technology improves the rendering of your images on screen and helps to protect your photos from accidental and intended theft, through both technology and education.

"The SmartFrame represents a turning point for how copyrighted imagery is published on the Web." Doug Dawirs: Technical Advisor Digital Media Licensing Association


Encoding process

SmartFrame converts the original JPEG into an encrypted format, creating ready-to-transmit image data files. Several sizes are created and cached on the server, in increments of 50-100px.
When the SmartFrame is rendered in the front end, the most appropriate size is selected and displayed. In order to achieve 100% pixel-perfect rendering, SmartFrame can be set to resize in the same increments as the cached image data files.
This is the technique used in all Pixelrights portfolios and it helps to avoid blurred images and render quality visuals each time, particularly noticeable when resizing patterns and thin lines.

Front end component

SmartFrame is an interactive image viewer based on HTML <canvas> element, wrapped in <smart-frame> tag. It does not use JPEG format or the standard <img> tag. Instead, an encrypted image data stream is generated on the secure server and transmitted to the internet browser.
The image stream is scrambled and unreadable to any traditional software. The Javascript decoder deciphers the stream using a shared key, and reconstructs the image in the internet browser, using <canvas> tag. At the same time, interactive content, caption and sharing tools are added.

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